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It’s a brand new year and time to set some goals.  I have a number of goals this year:  lose weight, finish college, begin a new career, spend more quality time with family… big goals right?!  But totally achievable, the one I will struggle with the most is losing weight, always have.  I feel confident that I am well on my way though.  I have a plan.  It includes focusing on my word for 2015 – purpose.

I recently participated in a book study at our church called Pathways to Purpose.  What is my purpose I wondered?  I quickly realized that this was not up to me to figure out but that God has a plan for me.  So while I may feel scattered and unknowing, I can trust in Him and His intentions.

The word purpose is two-fold for me.  Firstly I want to be more purposeful in my time while blogging.  After six years I am still trying to figure out this whole blog thing and what the best use of my time is.  I love the creation of projects and photography but still struggle with the writing and promotion of posts.  I want to continue to build relationships with my readers and fellow bloggers in a positive, inspiring way.

Secondly I often joke about figuring out “what I want to be when I grow up”.  Perhaps I will never know but at the ripe old age of thirty-five I am still trying to figure this out.  Did I reach my career peak at a Program Coordinator before I had kids?  Is there still a rewarding career out there for me?  Do I NEED a “career”?  When I am eighty will I regret not having completed my teaching degree?  These questions are the greatest reason for my word of the year.  I want to make purposeful choices in my life.  To that end I am half way to completing a certificate program to become an Education Assistant.  Going back to college has been really rewarding and I have discovered that I am much closer to finishing my teaching degree than I had originally thought.  PURPOSE.  I need to lay out the next few years with purpose.  Do I continue my education and dedicate at least two years to a teaching degree now or later?  I plan on doing a lot of praying for clarity.  I know that He came through for me when I questioned enrolling in the Education Assistant program in September.  As an EA I will have the opportunity to work with children with special needs in the school district.  I wondered if this was the right direction for me?  As I questioned my decision it became clear that one of our boys was really struggling with behavioural issues.  This was the sign that reinforced my decision to go back to college.  Because even if I did not work as an EA, all of the information that I was to learn would be tremendously useful as a parent and foster parent to children with special needs.

When faced with choices and decisions this year I hope to remember my word of the year and ask myself what is the purpose?


Do you have a word of the year?  What is it?

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