RAK Kids ~ Week 1

Each week in December I will be sharing the exploits of my Random Acts of Kindness Kids.
Random Acts of Kindness {RAK} is a concept that is near and dear to my heart.  I have worked with young children my entire life and one of the teaching tools that I have always used is Random Acts of Kindness.  Primarily children learn about service to others and empathy through fun, interactive tasks.

 We decorated cookies and delivered them to our school to share with our classmates.

Isaiah especially liked decorating.

The little miss got a note from her teacher saying that she did a good job explaining Random Acts of Kindness to her class.

 They all painted a picture for Grandma yesterday.
I had pinned this idea here.

 We started by painting our canvas blue.

Then I painted the kids hands orange and yellow.  Cameron and Isaiah alternated hand prints for the sun while the little miss created her very own sun painting for her Grammy.

 I painted “you are my sunshine” on our canvas and added names and ages.

This was a fabulous idea for Grandparents.  My mom cried when the boys gave the painting to her.

Thanks for following along!

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