Sewing ~ New Life for a Guess Purse

It’s funny what happens when people find out that you own a sewing machine… and know how to use it!
Long lost projects and well loved keepsakes start to come forward.
Could you? Would you? My reply? Of course! I’ll try!

One of the girls at work had this gorgeous Guess purse. The insides were just a mess. Made with silk, the lining was falling apart. {The above photo is AFTER I fixed ‘er up}.

The silk was frayed and hand sewn back together {with care} in many places.

I had fun pulling the lining out and using it as a template for new, sturdy cotton fabric.

I love this print – houndstooth with stripes and checks.

I even added a few pockets for a cell phone and lipgloss! I really enjoyed giving this gorgeous purse a new life and my girlfriend was thrilled!
What’s next for the girl who owns and knows how to use her sewing machine? Stay tuned for Rhythmic Dance Ribbons and Window Seat Covers.
Thanks for reading! I am glad that you could stop by.

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