Snowman Magnet Craft

Snowman Snap Lid Magnet 01

Hello, hello friends!  Is it starting to get all wintery where you live?  We had our first snowfall a few weeks ago and the temperature stayed cold enough for the snow to stick around for a while.  I love the look of fresh white snow covering the hillsides and dusting the trees.  It’s beautiful!  The boys and I created our very own Snowman Magnet Craft to celebrate the beginning of winter…

Snowman Magnet

Here are the materials that you will need if you want to make a snowman magnet with your kiddos.


snap lid

white acrylic paint

googlie eyes

red pipe cleaner

scrap of black paper

scrap of orange paper


white school glue


Snowman Snap Lid Magnet-001

Step 1: paint the snap lid white and allow it to dry.

Step 2: cut snowman features out of paper.

Step 3: glue paper, eyes, pipe cleaner and magnet to snap lid.

Snowman Snap Lid Magnet

Cute right?!  And such a fun, easy craft to do with the kids!  My guys just love to get creative, it’s especially fun now that the days are colder and shorter.  We have more time to craft in the afternoons!  I love, love, love watching kids get messy and create all sorts of unique crafts!

Snowman Magnet

Have you been crafting with the kids?  What have you been making?

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