Special Event – Camping

We’re baaaaaack! And had a blast while camping!

Things I’ll miss:

Alone time with my boys
The sense of adventure
The smell of a campfire {while we didn’t have a fire
due to a Province wide fire ban – I still miss it!}

So glad to be home because:

I was starting to go through technology withdrawals
I am not fond of mosquitoes {who is?} Mind you, I only have a few bites… but they ITCH!
I need my True Blood and Big Brother fix
I missed my bed
Some photos of our adventures for your viewing pleasure:

“Rocks!!!” {at Mabel Lake}

“Chips around the imaginary campfire” {Sicamous KOA}

“Wagon Ride” {Enchanted Forest}

“We all scream for ICECREAM” {D Dutchman Dairy}

What is your favorite camping spot?

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