Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirt Tutorial


This DIY Boba Fett T-shirt has been a real hit with just about everyone who has seen it.
We love Star Wars around here.
So I decided to create custom t-shirts for my boys.
Back to school fashion on the DIY.
I created two Star Wars looks.  
Boba Fett for Isaiah and C3PO for Cameron. 
I need the do it yourself Star Wars inspiration as my kids have asked for a 
Lego Star Wars birthday party this year.  
I seriously can’t wait, it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!
But first here is what you came for.  How to make your very own Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirts…

Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirt (2)

I googled Star Wars silhouette and came up with a few workable images.  You could print them out and trace the outline onto freezer paper.  I just free handed my sketches.  After you have drawn the image onto freezer paper, use an xacto knife or sharp pair of scissors to cut it out.

Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirt (6)

Iron the freezer paper, shiny side down, onto the t-shirt.  Be sure to press firmly over edges and corners.

Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirt (7)

Place a sheet of newsprint or paper inside of the t-shirt, in between the front and back.  This helps to prevent the paint from bleeding to the back.  Paint in the negative space of the image using fabric paint.  I like Tulip paint from Michaels.  Brush away from the stencil, towards the centre so that the paint is not pushed under the stencil.

Star Wars Freezer Paper Stencilled T-shirt (9)

When the paint is completely dry, peel off the stencil and iron the image to set it on the t-shirt.
Truly this is an easy DIY project that any boy would love!


Have you done any freezer paper stencilling?  I would love to see it!
Be sure to stop by next week for more boy fashion inspiration.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Karen says

    Freezer paper stenciling is so much fun! Your Star Wars themed shirts are so great. I know many little boys AND big boys… and even a bunch of girls who would love those. Can’t wait to see the details of your Lego Star Wars party unfold!


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