Star Wars Snack Bar

You guys all know that we are suckers for Star Wars in this house.  So when the boys turned ten I kicked it up a notch with this super fun, super easy Star Wars Snack Bar!  They had a sleep over party so this was the perfect idea for late night snacking and shenanigans.

I took a poll on Facebook and everyone was so helpful with sharing suggestions and ideas for snacks!  I went all out and pretty much just loaded them up with sugar.  I created “goodie” bags for each of the kids so that they could fill them up with snacks for movie watching and video game playing.  The Chewbacca Chocolate Cheesecake was a huge hit and SUPER easy to make!  Be sure to check out the tutorial for that one!

Here we have Yoda Soda made with 7Up and Limeade.  It was a bit our for the kids taste so I would change it up for something sweeter next time.

This BB8 Bark was a hit and super fun to make!!  I can think of a ton of other Star Wars possibilities so expect more ideas to be posted in the future.

We had chocolate dipped pretzel lightsabers, BB8 pretzels and R2D2 chocolates.  I dipped the lightsaber pretzels myself, found the BB8 inspired ones at the Bulk Barn and made the R2D2 chocolates using a mould that I have.

Here we had Ewok Cookies and Han Solo Rolos.

And finally, some Star Wars Imperial Popcorn and Star Wars Kinder Surprises for each of the party people.  I was surprised at how late these little dudes can stay up!  I made a pizza run at around 10pm and they were still raiding the kitchen and snack bar well past 2 in the morning.  That makes me tired just thinking about it!  I’m definitely glad that birthdays only come along one a year around here!

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