Summer Sundae

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We celebrated the beginning of summer with these “Hooray for Summer” Sundaes.  
It is not very often that we have icecream at home for no particular reason.  So the kids were super excited to have an excuse to “celebrate”.  hee hee

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I like to keep the spoons from our mommy-son dates for FroYo and reuse them at home.  They are usually such fun colours.

Summer Sundaes (2)_thumb[1]

Our ingredients:
Breyers REAL vanilla icecream {a must for sure}
Mini waffle bowls 
Peanut butter M&Ms
Oreo sprinkles
Caramel syrup

Summer Sundaes (3)_thumb

These little waffle bowls are so fun!  They are the perfect size for a scoop of icecream with room for a few fun toppings.  I actually thought they would be bigger but love the mini look that they give these sundaes.

Summer Sundaes (5)_thumb

The kids each chose there own sundae toppings.  What would you put on your “Hooray for Summer” Sundae?!

Summer Sundaes (6)_thumb[1]


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