I know that I have talked about my favorite cookbook The Best of Bridge before.
It’s my kitchen bible.  Truly there are so many fab recipes!
There are actually a series of books called the Best of Bridge.  The one I have {and gift to everyone I know} is called The Best of the Best of Bridge {it’s yellow with asparagus on the front}.
Anyway it’s an awesome cookbook and you should get it if you can ~ it’s written by a group of ladies out of Calgary I think so if you’re Canadian {like me} it’s got ingredients that we know and love!

 My sister-in-law told me to try the burrito recipe from the book….
O. M. G.
 You fry up ground beef and onions.  Then add fresh parsley, oregano, taco seasoning, salsa, sour cream and cheese.
 Plop the mixture {I used three pampered chef cookies scoops full :P} into the center of the tortilla.
 And wrap it up!
 For a family dinner you top the burritos with more cheese and salsa and bake at 350 for 15 mins.  You can also wrap them up individually and freeze them for later!!! 

Hooray!  School lunches for the little miss!  Loooove it!
Have a fab day you guys!

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