The Peacock Ruffle Dress

DIY Peacock Ruffle Dress
During the past few weeks I have transformed our living space into my unofficial sewing room.  
Fabric is draped over the backs of dining room chairs, sewing machines are resting on the kitchen counter and balls of thread drift through the halls like tumbleweeds.

DIY Peacock Dress

Thankfully I have a very understanding family who has joined me on this adventure!
My mom and I have sewn over thirty dresses during spring break ~ we are slowly building an inventory of dresses so that we can set up a booth at our local Farmers Market.  
Most of the dresses that you will see on the blog in the next few weeks {including this one} are for sale.  I am not sure if I will be listing them on etsy but you can find them on Facebook for sure!
Seriously, how cute is this dress?  And the adorable model!?

DIY Peacock Dress

I absolutely love this Peacock Ruffle Dress!  
I especially love that it is one of a kind.
DIY right down to the fabric painted peacock feathers!

DIY Peacock Dress

The Peacock Ruffle Dress was made using fabric that I hand stamped and 
painted to create a fabulous peacock feather pattern. 

I went so far as to create the stamp even!  
With a little craft foam and an exacto knife the possibilities are endless.


DIY Peacock Dress (1)

Here is my one of a kind stamp.  
I simply mixed acrylic paint with a fabric paint medium to apply the stamped image to the fabric.  
After the paint had dried, I ironed the back of the fabric to set the peacock feather print and then made it into a dress.
Be sure to come back on Monday for the complete Perfect Ruffle Dress Tutorial!

DIY Peacock Dress (6)

The aqua blue and green turned out to be a fabulous combination on this primarily grey fabric.

DIY Peacock Dress (5)

And now for a fun photo shoot with the absolutely adorable little Eden…

DIY Peacock Dress   DIY Peacock Dress   DIY Peacock Dress   DIY Peacock Dress

DIY Peacock Dress

Thank you so much for visiting!
I can’t wait to show you all of our dresses next week.
Stay tuned!

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