Three Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall is such a fun time of year and the perfect time to get a little creative with all of those pumpkins that you may be collecting.  We had the opportunity to visit Davison Orchards, one of our favorite places, and pick our very own pumpkins to decorate!  Let me show you what we came up with…


But first… how adorable are these two cuties?!  Going to the pumpkin patch in the Fall is an annual tradition for us and there is no place better in the Okanagan than Davison Orchards.  It’s a wonderful family run farm that offers tractor rides, a petting zoo, outdoor play place, gift shop,  local handmade baking and produce {and much more}.  We love, love, love visiting the orchard every year!


There are so many different varieties of pumpkins around the farm.  We love to see all of the different colours and shapes.  Are they not gorgeous?!


There is just something about going to the pumpkin patch and choosing your own pumpkin that brings the season to life.  Our rule for the kids has always been that they can pick any pumpkin that they would like as long as they can carry it themselves.  Needless to say, our pumpkins have slowly gotten bigger over the years.


Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-004

The first of our pumpkins got a yellow paint job with some acrylic paint.  We were sure to thoroughly wash and dry the pumpkin first.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-005

Then I sketched the outline of a Minion onto the pumpkin using a sharpie.  Two eyes…

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-006

One eye!  Then the boys each painted on the Minion details with acrylic paint.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-011

Our second pumpkin is called a “gremlin”.  Truly that is the variety – so cool!  So I just added big eye balls for a fun look.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-013

Finally, I was able to paint my love for Jack Skellington onto this white pumpkin.  A few brush strokes with black acrylic paint and he was ready to add to our pumpkin menagerie.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-014

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-016

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas-018

Do you have more unique pumpkin decorating ideas?  Please share!

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