Tie to Belt Tutorial

Turn a tie into a belt? What?!?!
Can I just say, this is fabulous for so many reasons.

1. Ties come in all sorts of fun fabrics {except perhaps Great Uncle Alberts Christmas mice}
2. You can find them cheap {like $.99 at thrift stores} or FREE {just don’t let the hubs catch you}
3. Wide belts are so IN and cute.

Yes. This was a tie.

And this is a belt {my inspiration}

A bit much for a tie I think… time to refashion…

and dissect my tie.

Seam ripping.

I took out the stiff, filler material.

And ironed.

You know how the tie is tapered from one end to another? I cut it so that it was all one width.

Then ironed a fold in the sides.

And sewed 1/4 in along each side of the tie. I could have added a backing but I like simple.

I reused this buckle.

And pinned one end of my tie…er… belt through the loop.

Then wove the other end through the buckle.

Cool eh? You should totally go check out my Dress and Tie Refashion post where I used an un-altered tie for my belt.

Thanks for checking in peeps.

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