Tin Foil Packet Butter Chicken

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken

We are so excited for camping this season.  SO EXCITED!  It’s hard to express our level of excitement in words.  Really.  We just bought a new camping oven, an oven… to take camping!!! And I cannot wait to test out a few recipes in that puppy.  Let me tell ya!
Anyway I will be sharing a few camping recipes in the next weeks and months so be sure to stay tuned.  This Butter Chicken is a fantastic way to start!

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken (10)

Foil Packet meals are truly the way to go when camping.  They allow you to throw all of your ingredients together in one packet to cook.  Then you just toss the tin foil and have very little mess and clean up ~ which is really the goal when you are camping!

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken (3)

For this meal you will need:


4 chicken breasts {cut into strips and marinated in butter chicken sauce}
10 sliced button mushrooms
1/2 diced onion
1 diced green pepper


Rice {optional}

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken (4)

Always place your ingredients on the shiny side of the tin foil.  The shine helps to reflect the heat and creates a little oven in your packet.  We layered our chicken with the vegetables on top.  Then we roll the foil into a packet.  I find that it helps to fold the edges of the foil over once before creating a package ~ the foil in more sturdy that way.

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken (6)

Place the packet over your hot fire or barbecue for 20-30 minutes.

Tinfoil Packet Butter Chicken (11)

Serve with rice and enjoy!
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