Tips for Holiday Decorating with the Kids

I, like most of you, absolutely love decorating for the holidays.  AND, if you are anything like me, you like to have exclusive control over the creative direction and vision that your home takes.  Add a gaggle of kids into the mix and all of those Pinterest perfect intentions fly right out the window.  So how can we create a lovely home, decked out for the holidays where our children feel included and a part of the process?  In a way that doesn’t look like a toddler threw up Christmas all over the house?

1.  Include the kids in your vision.  Ask them for their ideas and input.  Where should we put the Christmas tree this year?  What colour of twinkly light should we put up?  Do you like this ribbon or that ribbon?  Even if you already have a pretty firm idea on the answers to these questions just including them in the conversation with help to build inclusion and “by in” from the littles.

2. Allow the kids to be involved in the hands on process.  Hanging Christmas ornaments is a classic way to keep the children involved.  My boys are old enough that I have begun to give them direction and tips on where ornaments should be hung.  For example, large ornaments first, light ornaments at the top, keep the ornaments evenly spaced etc.  They really enjoy learning about the process and being included.  So I might go back in later when they are in bed and move things around a bit, they already have a vested interest in the way the Christmas tree has been decorated.  In years past, when they were younger and set on doing things their own way, we set up a special tree in the den that was exclusively theirs to decorate.

3. Include things that they love in your space.  My guys are clearly lego fiends.  I use that passion for good in my holiday decor and encourage them to come up with Christmas creations that they are welcome to put on display.  Like this dinosaur sporting a santa hat.  I friggin’ love it!!

4.  Get crafty and make things with the kids that can be used in your holiday decor.  Like these Chewbacca Cinnamon Ornaments!  They serve two purposes, highlighting our love for everything Star Wars and helping the boys feel like they are a part of the Christmas decorating traditions.

Or these Melted Snowman Ornaments.  Each year the boys create and sell these to earn money for ski lessons.

5.  Include personalized touches to your decor like these mitten ornaments from Personalization Mall.  Seeing these touches throughout your home really helps the kiddos to feel included.  I think that its when they are not feeling included that my boys have gone AWOL.  Picture bins of Christmas and craft supplies emptied haphazardly and thrown all over the house.  Silver garland draped over chairs, pillows and railings with tinsel hanging from every light fixture and chandelier.  Lovely 😀

How to you keep your house from getting trashed by the kids?  I am sure that you guys have tons of great tips!  Or maybe you love the look that the kids end up inspiring and are not a control freak like me.  That’s cool too!  Just enjoy those little moments <3

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