Toddlers in the Park Brick Quilt

Spring is such a great time of year.
Full of promise and anticipation.

For the last few years I have been teaching a program called Toddlers in the Park
It is a preschool program for two to four year olds located at various parks throughout the city.
I really look forward to Toddlers in the Park come springtime.

In the past I have used an old keepsake blanket of mine for circle time.
And I have been meaning to make a proper outdoor quilt for this program for a while now.
So here it is!

 A Toddlers in the Park Brick Quilt

 I created a very simple pattern of bricks and stripes for the front of the quilt.  All of the material is thick, cotton canvas.  It was important that the fabric be durable and washable as it is meant to be used outside with toddlers.

Please don’t look too closely at my sewing or quilting details.  The last time that I finished a quilt was over six years ago ~ pre blog and the last quilted project that I did was this Quilted Keepsake Pillow that actually didn’t turn out half bad.


All of the fabric was found at our local Fabricland store.  The elephants were too cute to pass up and I just went from there with some orange chevron and turquoise starbursts. 


    I really love how it turned out ~ it will be a fun, whimsical addition to our program.


 This orange fabric that I used for the back was found in the discount bin ~ it was under $9 for all of it.


  Only one layer of cotton batting was used in the center as the canvas material was already pretty thick.  And I chose not to add a border or binding because I actually preferred the quilt without either.


Here are my ~ no longer toddlers ~ putting the quilt to use.  

Cameron asked to take it on a picnic the other day and was disappointed when I said that it was for mommy’s work.  So we brought out my old keepsake quilt instead and the boys had a lovely little picnic on the trampoline in between snow storms {crazy weather}…


Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an awesome day.

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