Gardening Made Easy with Tower Gardens

We all know that I love local produce and try to source it whenever I can.  I have even planted multiple gardens and planters around my yard.  But you know what?  For the last several years I have done absolutely NO GARDENING.  Shocker right?!  I simply don’t have the time!  Living in a hot, arid climate watering takes forever during the summer months.  Setting up fancy watering systems takes a lot of time, money and effort.  Often my plants were neglected and either died or yielded very few fruits and vegetables.  We are often out of town camping and asking someone to water the garden all the time was just a pain.  So I was beyond thrilled when I discovered Tower Gardens!!!

A Tower Garden is essentially a very compact hydroponic gardening system.  Its brilliant really!  No soil is required and the unit automatically waters the plants based on when you set the timer to water.  You can grow up to 21 plants at a time, vertically!!  So it requires very little space when compared to a traditional garden.  The supplies were all shipped directly to my home and I just put the everything together.

It was actually very easy to assemble.  After set up I simply filled the tub with water and liquid nutrients for the plants to grow.

Next I planted seeds into rock wool pods and watched them grow.

Once the plants had sprouted the rock wool pods went directly into the tower.  This is a lovely cucumber with basil in the background.

I planted a wide variety of fruit and vegetables but the sky is the limit really!  You can plant all sorts of things in the Tower Garden and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables all year round!

This has been an awesome learning opportunity for my boys!  Isaiah in particular has loved buzzing around and pollinating cucumbers with a paintbrush.  He routinely picks food off of the tower to snack on.  Butter lettuce and chives are his favorites.

Every couple of weeks I refill the water reservoir and voila! its all set to go for another two weeks or so.  I love, love, love how simple and easy this is to do!  If you’ve always wanted to try gardening but simply don’t have the time or space, then purchasing a Tower Garden is the perfect solution.  I can get you hooked up with one!  Simply click on >> Tower Garden << to get started!

Do you have a Tower Garden?  What’s your favorite thing to grow?

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