Travel Trailer Organization Ideas

Hello friends!!  Well, its that time of year!  Time to gear up for camping and get the trailer organized again.  I store our travel trailer at a friends place for the winter so organization tends to happen first thing in the spring when I hook up the trailer and bring it home.  I start by de-winterizing all of the water and sewer lines.  Then I give the trailer a good clean and scrub.  Finally i organize and stock up supplies for our busy spring / summer camping season!  I like to place an over the door hanger on our bathroom door (pictured above).  This is perfect for towels, jackets and hanging any wet articles of clothing.

Travel Trailer Organization

I have a large closet at the back of the trailer.  I measured the dimensions and found this Rubbermade drawer system that just fits in the space.  In order to get the unit into the closet I had to take it apart and reassemble each drawer IN the closet.  This is perfect for miscellaneous bath and kitchen products as well as all of the kids clothes.  I store all of our extra linens (towels and blankets) on top of this.

I also hang 3M hooks wherever I may need them.  These are located by the trailer door and are used to hang jackets and keys from.  3M hooks are a good alternative to screws as they are sturdy but you’re not putting holes all over your trailer.  The structure isn’t typically meant to be strong enough to screw into or hang things from.  Be sure to check out my Travel Tailer Organization post from a few years ago.  There are lots more ideas to help you stay organized this camping season!

Do have more ways to make the most use of the space in your RV?  Please share!

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