Tutorial – Valentine Rice Krispies

I now know why bakers use Rice Krispie treats so much in those Ultimate Cake Off shows… they’re so EASY to work with! Check out my Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Heart Party Favours:

Create rice krispie treats as directed on the box and press into a greased, heart shaped mould. (This pan was a fab find at $0.25)

Let the rice krispies set for about an hour (I put mine in the fridge) then pop them out of the mould.

I used heart shapes but you could use: eggs for Easter, stars for Canada Day, hats for a Dr Seuss party, frames for a Vintage party, flowers for a shower… the list is endless!

Decorate as desired – I piped on white chocolate (coloured light and dark pink). Icing with sprinkles would be great too! As I mentioned in an earlier post – red or pink sprinkles weren’t an option for me so… chocolate it was!!!!

Poke a lollipop stick through the bottom.

Wrap in pretty cellophane to coordinate with your occasion – you could use clear cellophane or plastic wrap to show off some amazing decorating!

Finally – a Rice Krispie Valentine’s Day bouquet!

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