Valentine Potato Stamps

The kids and I made Valentine Potato Stamps the other day.  It’s a really fun way to create your own custom stamps and eliminates having to run to the dollar store or dig through the craft room.  Why yes, those ARE pink skulls.  What can I say?  I have boys!
You will need:  potatoes, a sharp knife, white card stock and acrylic paint.
Cut the potato in half and score a design into the flesh.  Does a potato have flesh?  Anyway…
Cut around your scored design, creating a raised image.
Here we have some lovely hearts, a fun star and skull and cross bones {by request}.
Have your future Picasso’s dip the stamp in paint and apply their image to card stock.
Needless to say we have some interesting Valentine’s Day cards for Preschool Teachers!
hee hee
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  1. Jasmine says

    Hi Heather,
    Thanks for sharing this (and your other ideas)!
    I am wondering, do these potato stamps “keep” for more than the day? I’d love to be able to reuse these a bit. Maybe keeping them in the fridge helps? Any other ideas to make stamps that could be reused..? Cutting sponges..?
    Thanks much and warmest greetings from Holland,
    *ps, I just intended this as a question to you and not a comment to everyone, if that’s possible. (?)

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