Valentine Sour Cream Container Tutorial

The little miss and I finished creating these valentines for her classmates last night.  These sour cream containers are fabulous!!  I’ve used them for our Mad Hatter Tea Party, my sister’s Wedding and my grandparents Anniversary.  Whenever I teach a card making workshop I always include the tutorial for these fun little containers.
You will need:
Patterned paper {cut into rectangles 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″}
Double sided tape
Paper crimper
Place double sided tape {as pictured} on the wrong side of your paper.  One piece of tape {4 1/4″} along the shorter edge, one piece of tape {2 1/2 “} in the center of the top longer edge and one piece of tape {2 1/2”} adjacent to the first piece of tape on the bottom longer edge.
Peel off the backing to the 4 1/4″ piece of tape and affix the shorter sides together, creating a cylinder shape. 
Peel one of the 2 1/2″ pieces of tape from the inside of the cylinder.  Squash the edges together and crimp that end.
Fill the open container with a treat of your choice.  We used Hot Lips.  Peel the backing off of the last piece of tape.  Squash that end together and crimp.
Our completed containers.  The little miss loved peeling the tape and squashing the edges.
We made thumbprint heart tags for our Valentines.  I had the little miss press her thumb into red ink and apply it to white card stock to create a heart.  Then we cut them out and she added her name to each one.
Finally we hole punched the tag and the container and added our tag with some ribbon.
They turned out great!  The little miss can’t wait to give them to her classmates!
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  1. TeenaBugg38 says

    I keep seeing these everywhere and each one has a personality all of its own and I never tire of them!! I think I will make some for my son’s class this year!! DARLING!!!! Have a great week Heather and thanks for the inspiration!! You rock!!!

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