Winter Mason Jar Holder


This winter I have the extreme pleasure {picture me with a glue gun in one hand, paint brush in another, jumping up and down with glee} of teaching a course called “Pinspired Projects“.

I came up with the idea of offering a six week “crafting” class for adults where they recreate popular posts from Pinterest.  I pick the first four craft projects and participants vote on their favorites for the last two projects.
I am seriously pumped to be teaching this course!  It combines so many things that I love; teaching, crafting, painting, decorating, pinterest…. you name it!  It’s awesome!
If you are local you can find this course and more classes that I instruct here.

Winter Mason Jar Holder

For our first class we used this pin from Creative Minds Without Borders to create a 
Winter Mason Jar Holder.
This is the example that I created for class.

Winter Mason Jar Holder (16)

This is really a simple project that anyone can do at home.
During our first class we also made Cinnamon Mason Jar candles that I will share soon 
{they were fun to create and smell so good!}

Winter Mason Jar Holder (3)

To create a Masor Jar Holder you will need: a wooden plaque, drill, drill bit, medium gauge wire, 
mason jar, paint and a brush.

Start by drilling two holes at the top of the plaque and two holes in the center {as pictured below}.

Winter Mason Jar Holder (5)

White wash the wooden plaque using white acrylic paint that has been watered down a bit, allowing the wood grain to really show through.

Winter Mason Jar Holder (2)

Coat with a sealer like varathane and allow it to dry.  Finally attach the jar to the plaque with wire and create a wire hanger at the top.

Winter Mason Jar Holder

I love how versatile this project is!  Paint the plaque any colour that you would like.  Fill the jar with twigs, foliage or flowers to create a totally different look.

Winter Mason Jar Holder

And check out this fabulous variation from one of my students!  I love the addition of a coat of brown paint and barn star.  Just perfect.

Mason Jar Holder

Want to join us?  
Follow along with our progress on the blog each week and check out our Pinspired Projects Winter 2013 board for sneak peeks of what we will be creating.
Eeeeeeeee. I am so excited!!!


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