Zombie Photo Shoot 2014

Zombie Photo Shoot-008

Every year my good friend Amy and her family go all out for Halloween.  Theirs is the house on the block with the creepy cemetery, motion activated zombies , spooky sound effects and fog machine.  They also participate in the annual Zombie Walk in Kelowna.  Amy is one of the most creative people I know and she really pulls out all of the stops around this time of year!  Check out the Zombie Photo Shoot from last year – I thought that it was pretty epic then but she has up’d the ante again this year!  CAUTION: SOME PHOTOS / IMAGES in this post may be DISTURBING.

Zombie Photo Shoot-009

I love having the opportunity to pull out my camera and photograph Amy’s whole family for this unique experience.  The creative planning process begins weeks in advance with costume mock ups and latex appliance making.

Zombie Photo Shoot-012

The whole family gets involved.  Even the kids!  Her boys are good friends with our boys and take an active role in costume creation with suggestions and requests.  Amy’s older son wanted to be a zombie this year while the younger son was still content to be a zombie “hunter”.

Zombie Photo Shoot-017

I love all of the detail that goes into these looks.  Check out the zombie “bite” and veining that went into Mike’s costume.

Zombie Photo Shoot-015

It can be tough to see young ones in the role of a zombie so if that grosses you out… turn away!

Zombie Photo Shoot

This was probably the most disturbing member of their whole ensemble.  The boys don’t watch scary zombie movies/shows of course but love to participate in all of the Halloween antics.  This look was based on one of Michonnes pets in the Walking Dead.  Hence the lack of arms or jaw.  Amy re-used the arm stumps that she had created for her look last year in her sons costume this year.

Zombie Photo Shoot-004

She created this epic appliance for his jaw that still allowed him to breathe, speak and drink.  I am not sure what it was made of but I know that she uses latex and tissue paper and paste and all sorts of crafty bits.

Zombie Photo Shoot-003

He had a ton of fun and got right into his role.

Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween my friends!

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