Zombie Photo Shoot 2015


Every year my friends Mike and Amy pull out all of the stops and join a Zombie Walk event that is put on in our community.  This couple love, love, loves Halloween – nearly as much as I love Christmas!  Mike, pictured above, has even taken a pencil to the neck!  Here is the photo shoot from their family of zombies in 2015…


Poor kid is missing a bit of his scalp!


Father, son day at work?


Amy created a whole mouth piece for herself this year.  Check it out…

img_0791 img_0794 img_0804

Kristina, Amy’s sister, designed and created her ENTIRE White Walker (from Game of Thrones) costume!  The details are amazing and her creativity is off the charts.  She even had the signature walker screech down to a science.


Epic right?!?!


I wouldn’t want to bump into this horde on Halloween!!!

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