12 Books of Christmas

So I hope that I am not the only one having to keep track of a number of Advent Calendars this year.  There are just so many great ideas and fun traditions!!!  We have our Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar, our play dough Advent Calendars from Grandma and I just couldn’t resist adding the 12 Books of Christmas

 We started this December 1st but you could certainly modify for the 12 Days of Christmas.  I scrounged around the house and found 12 old books that involved winter/Christmas.  Then I purchased 14 new books from Scholastic and Chapters {that’s 26 books because on Christmas eve, each of the kids will open their own book}. 

I wrapped up all of the books and set up a book opening rotation {oldest child opens one on the first day, second oldest on the second day and so on}.  I love this just as much as the kids.  Sometimes corralling everyone and reading to them or having them read to us seems like such a chore {don’t hate me}.  But I am really enjoying this time with the kids.
What are some of your Holiday Traditions?

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