20+ DIY T-shirt Ideas for BOYS

It’s time to wrap up 
One For The Boys ~ T-shirt Week
this year!

20+ DIY T-shirt Ideas for BOYS

Thank you so much for joining us!  
I have had so much fun not only creating new shirts for my boys but
loving what you have all come up with as well.  

Gigantic virtual hugs go out to my lovely guests this week:
Sky from Capital B and 
Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!

And now for some DIY Boy T-shirt Inspiration…

1.  I {Heart} Camping T-shirt

2. S’more Smores Shirt

3.  Superhero Flip Shirts

4.  Canada Day Pocket T-shirt

5.  Soccer T’s

6.  Rock n’ Roll T-shirts

7.  Creeper T-shirt

8.  Personalized Pocket T

9.  Intersection T-shirt

10.  Lego Star Wars T-shirt

11.  DIY Sharpie T

12.  DIY Stamp T-shirt

13.  At At T-shirt

14.  Viking T-shirt

15.  Pirate T

16.  Bear T-shirt

17.  Valentine T-shirt

18.  Batman Shirt

19.  DIY Kid Coloured T

20.  Bike T-shirt

21.  I’m Just A Little Cooler Shirt

And check out our One For The Boys ~ T-shirt Week 
pinterest board for even more inspiration!
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