20 Healthy Eating Tips and Ideas

One of my many resolutions this year was to eat healthier.
Now I have to be honest.  
Keeping active and 
eating healthy is a struggle for me.
And I am no expert!
But I am committed to adding healthier foods 
and recipes to my daily life.
I hope that some of these ideas and recipes will inspire you to take these important baby steps with me…
McCain Thin Crust Pizza ~ my favorite meal right now!
Quick, easy and only 300 calories for 1/2 a pizza.
Zucchini Lasagna a new recipe that I love.  
425 calories per serving.
Stop drinking pop {or soda for my peeps to the south}.  
Ten days after quiting my four pop a day habit, this Diet Coke tasted like garbage!

Yogurt, apples {ambrosia variety yum!} and sesame seeds.  
225 calories.
Blackberry Green Smoothie.  I just added frozen blackberries to our traditional green smoothie.  
160 calories.
375 calories.
Pesto Ranch Crockpot Chicken with Quinoa ~ YUM!
400 calories.
Green smoothie with blueberries.
Rainbow green smoothie for St. Patricks Day.
Pizzelle with blackberries and frozen yogurt.
125 calories.
Cucumber sandwich.
250 calories.
Homemade Yam Fries.
125 calories.
175 calories.
Yogurt, strawberries and pine nuts.
125 calories.
Banana Ice Cream ~ I love this and so do the kids!
150 calories.
BLT on a thin bun.
275 calories.
50 calories each.
Yogurt, banana and nuts.
230 calories.
Another Mc Cain thin crust pizza!
Wasa crackers and peanut butter.
220 calories.
My mom, grandma and I at an “Empty Bowl” fundraiser with Irish Stew.
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  1. L.A. says

    I’m with you on the “eat healthier” boat for sure. But winter makes it SO hard. Now that its finally getting sorta nice all I want to eat is vegetables! And here I thought I was the only one who like cucumber sandwiches! LOL

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