3D Minecraft Perler Bead Characters

It never ceases to amaze me how much my boys are still into their perler bead creations!  I love, love, love supporting their creativity!  I don’t love finding these little beads all over the house though LOL… are you with me?!  Almost as bad as lego *wink*  Today I am sharing a whole pile of 3D Minecraft Characters that Cam has been making.  What’s cool about these is that they fit together like a puzzle so the boys can hide things inside of each one!  They even create perler bead “brains” to rattle around in these 3D heads…

Okay, correct me if I am wrong but I think we have: slime, a villager, a couple of skins, an iron gollum, a noob, Steve, an enderman, a zombie, a skeleton, a creeper and a magma cube.

This is the pattern that they follow to create each six sided cube (the green perler beads).  It all fits on one large perler bead board.  We iron both the front and back of each piece.  Here is a close up of just a few of their creations…


Steve Skin


Iron Gollum


What are your kids totally in to lately??

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