3D Paper Stars

We are surprising the kids today with a Living Room Camp Out!  Darcy’s going to take them all out while I set up an indoor, winter camp site.  We’ve got camping crafts, camping survival satchels, camping games, smores, hotdogs and a camping dessert table.  Lets not forget sleeping bags, lanterns and a cardboard tent!
 I’ve been making these 3D Paper Stars to hang from the ceiling ~ 
on the down low, when the kids are in bed.
 I had to strategically take photos in daylight while the kids were otherwise occupied.  I’m feeling a little like a Black Ops Mommy. lol
I used this fantastic tutorial.  I think they turned out great!  Using double sided, patterned paper gives them added texture and interest.  I’m planning on leaving them up as part of our winter decor and calling them ‘snowflakes’ after our camp out. 😛

What do you think?
Stay tuned for the whole Living Room Camp Out ~ coming soon!
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