5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Hello lovelies!  Please welcome Kelly from Shutterfly who is guest posting today and sharing 5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas….


So you don’t have time to rustle up a perfectly sculpted bunny cake? No delicately crafted paper mache eggs in your future? Well, of course not. This is real life, and we can’t be Martha Stewart every day.

But what you can do is fake it! If you’re in a rush but would love to add a charming centerpiece to your Easter Sunday festivities, there really are ways to do it in jiffy. Here are five easy-peasy, cheap DIY Easter decor ideas that will have your friends wondering where on earth you find the time to do it all.

  1. Teacups filled with mini eggs and flowers: Go to a thrift store and buy some vintage teacups and saucers. I always buy the odd one when I spy a darling and dainty print, and they never fail to come in handy for one reason or another. Easter is the perfect occasion to bring them out and place them on side tables and mantles and as the dining room table centerpiece. For the big table, line the mismatched teacups up and fill them, alternating cup-to-cup, with flower buds and chocolate mini eggs.

5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

  1. A basket, pretty papers and eggs: Do you have a cute little basket lying around somewhere? If not, check out thrift stores or “dollar” stores. Then pick out some pretty paper — I love to craft with old book pages or songbook sheets. Put them through a shredder, then inside the basket. Now either dye a few eggs a pretty color or two, or simply buy some white and brown ones and place them in the basket. Add an extra touch by tying a piece of twine around each egg.

5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

  1. Sweets and flowers: Fill a vase with jelly beans or mini eggs. That alone is adorable, but if you have a big vase, you can get even more creative by adding flowers to the mix. By putting a flower-filled glass inside the big vase, you can then surround the glass with other goodies — like jelly beans, mini eggs, dyed real eggs, or shredded pretty papers — without the flowers touching the edibles.

5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

  1. Pastel-water flower vases: Gather several small, clear glasses — be it jelly jars, mini vases, or random glassware — you may have sitting around. Feel free to mix and match! Now, fill them with water and add a drop of food coloring to each glass. I like the idea of doing a blue, green, yellow and pink, but you can stick to one shade if you want. Line them up in the center of the table and finish the centerpiece off with a flower in each glass. Try ones that sit easily in small containers, like daisies.

 5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

  1. Easter tree: Perhaps my all-time favorite thing about Easter is the curious little tree you can use as a whimsical centerpiece. My mother loved a well-decorated Easter tree, and she’s passed that sentiment on to me — sort of. My kind of tree is a lot simpler. And this one is so easy, even the kids can help with everything from finding the tree limbs to cutting out ornaments. So grab the family, and hop to it.

5 Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Easter Tree DIY

1.  Go out in the yard — yep, you’re on a scavenger hunt. But instead of finding well-hidden eggs, you need to locate a suitable limb or two to transform into an Easter tree.

2.  Gather your materials: hole puncher, scissors, twine.

3.  Once you’ve located some limbs, test them out in a tall vase of choice.

4.  Gather pretty papers for making your own ornaments.

5.  Cut out your ornaments/eggs! I cut circles out of old sheet music. I also found a lavender gift bag I decided to cut into round shapes to give the tree a little, but not too much, color — a semi-minimalist approach, if you will.

6.  Using a hole puncher, give each circle, or paper egg, a hole for the twine, and string them up.

7.  Decorate your tree, and enjoy!


I’ve also seen this kind of “tree” adorably decorated with jelly beans by hot-gluing a jelly bean to the end of every limb and limb stub. Try that one too if you like, but remember the cut-out method is more kid-friendly.


What’s your favorite way to decorate your Easter table? Please share your ideas in the comments!

Kelly Rae Smith is a lifelong crafter and home décor blogger for Shutterfly. Kelly lives in Charleston, S.C., where she likes to sip tea, thrift shop and sell vintage goods. To find more inspiration for home projects and holiday decor, follow Kelly on Twitter.


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