5 Minute Beach Wrap Tutorial

5 minute beach wrap

Hey peeps!
I have an uber quick beach wrap tutorial for you today.

DIY Beach Coverup (21)

 My sister {yes my sister, isn’t she gorg?} modeled for me.
While spending the day at the beach with our kids we took a 
quick time out to snap a few photos.

DIY Beach Coverup (15)

I particularly like the back and the drape of this fabric.
Just lovely.
You guys are not going to believe how simple these are to make!  

DIY Beach Coverup (23)

Basically you just need a large rectangle of fabric.  
I chose a lightweight cotton.  You will need about 1.5 
meters of fabric.  Cut the fabric lengthwise to your 
desired length.  I cut ours to fall just below 
the hip.  Finish off the rectangle of fabric by 
serging all of the unfinished edges.  
And you are done.  Seriously!  I kid not.

DIY Beach Coverup (1)

Grab a pin {or make one like I did but gluing a button to a fastener}
and pin each top corner of the rectangle to the top center 
of the rectangle.  The two loops that are created 
when you do this become the arm holes.  
Embellish with a belt for a more polished look.

DIY Beach Coverup (16)

I know.

DIY Beach Coverup (17)

I made one for my sis, my mom and I.  
I had enough fabric left over to make five infinity scarves too.
The whole shebang might have taken 30 minutes to sew!
Gotta love projects like that.

DIY Beach Coverup (18)

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  1. Karen says

    What a cute idea! I can’t believe it’s so simple. I actually pinned up a wrap I had just to try it out. The wrong dimensions and weight, but it made the construction make more sense in my head. Thanks for sharing!

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