A couple of last minute superhero costumes…

The boys turn FIVE today! 
We’re taking them out for dinner and a movie tonight ~ I can’t wait, it’s going to be so cute. 
They are celebrating their birthday with a Superhero Party this weekend.
Each party guest will receive a Superhero Costume party favour.  Upon arriving they can change into their alter ego.  We have a couple of adorable little girls attending the party.  Here are their costumes…

Wonder Woman. 
 I free handed the crown, symbol and added yellow stars to the cuffs with fabric paint.
 And Super Girl / Woman?  I am hoping that the little tutu {found at the dollar store} works with the costume. 
The boys made their first little friend at preschool and insisted that he be invited to the party as well.  So here is a blue Batman.
The party is going to be so much fun!
I really can’t express how excited I am ~ possibly even more than the boys.


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  1. […]  3. Paint details onto each costume.  4. Cut out pieces for mask and gauntlet.  Glue or sew together.  I chose to sew the masks for extra durability. Click here for the Batman Pattern.  Ironman  Click here for the Ironman Pattern.  Green Lantern  Click here for the Green Lantern Pattern. Wolverine  Click here for the Wolverine Pattern.  Spiderman  Click here for the Spiderman Pattern.  There are a few little girls coming to the party too.  You can find their costumes here. […]

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