A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

I absolutely love having a wreath hanging from my front door to greet guests who come to my home.  A friend once told me that she knew that it was my house just by seeing the beautiful wreath on the door.  I love that!  I think that creating a warm and welcoming environment starts from the very moment friends and family arrive to your home.  This succulent wreath is perfect for Christmas and makes a lovely statement on our front door.

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

This wreath is a very straight forward project that truly anyone can create!  The best part about using faux succulents?!  You can’t kill them!  lol  So this Succulent Christmas wreath should survive for years to come.  That’s a win in my books.

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

I love the visual interest that these succulents give a traditional grape vine wreath.  Paired with pops of red berries and antlers this is such a unique take on a more traditional holiday wreath.  Adding greenery with a bit of sparkle really helps to make this wreath stand out as well.

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas


Grape vine wreath

Faux succulent plants of various shapes and sizes

Faux berries and antlers (I found these ones at Michaels)

Hot glue gun and glue

4″ floral wire for hanging

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

I also picked up some faux greenery with sparkles to give the wreath more dimension.


  1. Place faux succulents on the grape vine wreath.
  2. Play with layering and placement of items until you create a layout that appeals to you.
  3. Cut stems and use the hot glue to affix the greenery into place.
  4. Hang with a string or wire.

A Succulent Wreath for Christmas

You could easily add more sparkle to this wreath with a bit of spray adhesive and glitter.  I would love to see these faux succulents covered in irridescent sparkles!  I may have to go back and do that myself… it would give the wreath a freshly dusted with snow look I think.  What would you add to this Christmas Succulent Wreath??

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