A Succulent Wreath for Summer

With all of this warm weather I decided that it was high time to switch out my front door wreath!  We’ve been cleaning up the yard, weeding the garden and trimming the hedges.  This Summer Succulent Wreath is the perfect addition to our freshened up outdoor space.  Let me show you how to create your own (it’s REALLY easy)…

Faux succulents are perfect for wreath making!  I love, love, love that they require ZERO maintenance yet have great shape and texture to add interest to my space.

I mean, how fresh and vibrant do these look after a season spent outside during our hot summer months?!  It’s awesome!


Grape vine wreath

Faux succulent plants of various shapes and sizes

Hot glue gun and glue

4″ floral wire for hanging


  1. Place faux succulents on the grape vine wreath.
  2. Play with layering and placement of items until you create a layout that appeals to you.
  3. Cut stems and use the hot glue to affix the greenery into place.
  4. Hang with floral wire.

Using faux succulents is now one of my go-to decorating techniques.  I recently spruced up our back yard and deck.  I have a whole bunch of pretty decorative clay pots but ALWAYS struggle to keep outdoor plants alive and watered in the summer months.  After a day or two of neglect they wilt and dry up.  THIS YEAR that all changes!!  I scavenged faux succulents from around the house and in older decorative displays.  Then I pulled out the sad looking plants from my pots, filled them with floral foam and loaded them up with faux succulents.  This is BRILLIANT I tell you!  Now I will have fresh looking greenery to add to my outdoor displays that don’t require constant watering.  It’s hot, hot, hot here in the summer months and often we are gone for weeks at a time camping.  Creating wreaths and floral displays with faux succulents has been a huge win for me.  

Do you have any succulent displays around your home?  Please share…

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