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One of my most favorite parts of blogging is getting emails and messages from readers who have used one of my tutorials to explore their own creativity.  No tutorial has been used more than our Angry Birds Family Costumes!!  We still love, love, love our costumes and have even updated them to create this Angry Bird Star Wars C3PO Costume and Angry Bird Star Wars R2D2 Costume this year.  

I love seeing what you have been making!  If you have used one of our tutorials I would love to share your creation with everyone!  Please email heatherpainchaud{at}hotmail{dot}com.  Here are a few recent submissions…

from Mary Jo @
All This For Them

Olds, Alberta, Canada

I just had to share these Minion Costumes that a friend of a friend made.  Minions are big this season and these costumes are super cute!

Donna Brayshaw created them for her grandchildren and here is what she had to say…

They are a corrugated cardboard body with a paper mache head. I then covered the body in fleece attached with spray adhesive. One piece around the body and a piece cut round and stretched over the head. Cut out the arms and a big hole in the front for the face. The eye is made of a mesh so they can see through it and it lifts off the hole so they don’t always have to have the eye in front. the elastic that goes around to hold the eye on, covers up the join on the material. I made separate sleeves that just tape to their jackets. Not having to deal with sleeves right on the costume makes it easier to slip in and out of. The coveralls are made of old jeans.

Love, love, love them!
Thanks for sharing ladies!!

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