ANGRY BIRD Sightings {VIII} Featuring YOUR Angry Birds…

My most favorite thing about blogging?
Inspiring YOU to get creative.
I love, love, love how many people have used my
Angry Birds Family Costume Tutorial
to create their very own versions.  
Check out these costumes submitted by readers: 

Lourdes in Spain



Heather at The Seal Bark

Italo {sent with this awesome email}
My name is Ítalo, and I’m from Brazil. I’m just sending this e-mail to say thank you.
Last weekend I went to a costume party and I had no idea what to wear. So randomly I found your blog and I saw the angry birds costume.
You have no idea how excited I get when I saw it. But at the same time I was completely desperate, because I don’t have any sewing skills (at least that was what I thought).
I decided to buy the materials to try to make the costume, and I was surprised, cause it was EASY.
It was the star of the party and everytime I said I made it by myself … WOW!! People were even more impressed.
Have you made an Angry Birds costume?
I would love to share it!
Email me
ANGRY BIRD Sightings {VIII} Featuring YOUR Angry Birds…

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