Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

 The boys and I had a few Preschool Parties to attend for Halloween last week.  We were asked to bring a treat to share with the other children…
um okay!  Twist my rubber arm.  I love creating fun little goodies and just had to make something that would coordinate with the boys’ Angry Birds Costumes.
These Angry Bird Cupcake Toppers were just the ticket.
 I used modelling chocolate to create Red Birds, Yellow Birds and Green Pigs.  You could use Fondant or Gum Paste too perhaps but I like the taste of modelling chocolate better. 
Simply add 1/2 cup of light corn syrup to 1 bag of {melted} white Wilton Candy Melts.  Spread out on a cookie sheet and allow to sit for at least three hours {covered}.  You can find more modelling chocolate goodies here.
I sectioned off my modelling chocolate and added food colouring.
 Then I rolled pig bodies and pig ears.
 I shaped everything by hand.  My only tool was a toothpick.
 Here are the red bird bodies.
 And completed red birds.  I used icing sugar to prevent the chocolate from sticking to my fingers and work surface.
 Yellow bird bodies.
 I made 24 birds/pigs in total and took 12 to each party.  They tried to slide off of my first cupcakes so for the second batch I put a toothpick through the topper and into the cupcake. 
I used chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Needless to say, they were a hit!
Thanks for following along ~ I hope that you’ve enjoyed being swarmed by Angry Birds! 😉


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