Angry Birds Star Wars C3PO Costume

Do you have kids who request hard to find Halloween costumes every year?
You are not alone.
My guys wanted to be Angry Birds before Angry Bird costumes even existed.  And the Angry Bird requests haven’t stopped, they have just gotten more specific.  For Cameron this year I introduce to you…

Angry Bird Star Wars C3PO Costume (1)

Angry Birds Star Wars C3PO!
This was a challenge to say the least!
C3PO is a shiny gold robot/bird with very little colour definition.  
Short of spray painting his whole costume gold I had my work cut out for me.

Angry Bird Star Wars C3PO Costume (4)

I used my tutorial for the Angry Birds Space Eagle as our starting point and just replaced the features with ones more suited for C3PO.

Angry Bird Star Wars C3PO Costume (5)

I highlighted C3PO’s eyes with gold fabric paint and used glow in the dark fabric paint for the irises.
I used black fabric paint to outline the various features that I wanted to have stand out more.

Angry Bird Star Wars C3PO Costume (6)

He turned out better than I expected considering I was working with a 
cartoon character that was essentially all one colour.  
A character that combined both Angry Birds and Star Wars.  
Come back tomorrow for the Angry Birds Star Wars R2D2 reveal!
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