Animal Muppet Costume Tutorial

We are always super pumped for Halloween!! Planning costumes each year usually begins in August if not sooner.  This year I actually planned to take it easy as I had scored some Star Wars costumes on clearance last November and thought that I had the all-clear to take a break from the epic costume creation.  Little did I know that soon enough I would be pulling out the hot glue gun and bin of felt material to make this uber fun Animal Costume from the Muppets…

I have to admit that this was actually a dream of mine.  I have been wanting to create Animal for years!!! The story is that I had given this Plants vs. Zombies Chomper Costume to a friend last year.  She asked if I wanted it back and at first I thought, no just pass it on to someone new.  But then!  Inspiration struck and I quickly realized that the base that I had created for the chomper head would also be the perfect base for Animal!!  So I stripped the chomper head down to its purple felt beginnings and simply added new Animal materials.  Be sure to check out my Plants Vs Zombies Chomper post to see how to create a round base for the head.  That’s where we start off…


Round head base (see previous post)

1/2 meter black cotton fabric

4 pieces of orange felt (8×11)

2 red pieces of felt (8×11)

1/4 piece of a pool noodle (or 2″ round flexible foam)

3 styrofoam balls (3″ in diameter)

7 triangles cut from white foam board

8″ black velcro

1 black feather boa

1 red feather boa

1 orange feather boa


Hot glue gun and lots of glue

Step 1. Create eyes by cutting 2 of the styrofoam balls into 2/3 the size.  Wrap and glue orange felt around two pieces of pool noodle appox. 1″x4″ in size.

Step 2. Wrap and glue two pieces of orange felt around a large piece of pool noodle the size of the bottom section of your mouth opening.  My foam piece was approx. 3″x30″.

Step 3.  Wrap and glue a piece of red felt around the third ball of styrofoam.

Step 4.  Glue the seven triangles to the large bottom “lip” that you previously created.

Step 5.  Glue the black cotton to the bottom lip of the head base.

Step 6.  Glue velcro to the inside of the top lip and to the inside edge of the top of the black cotton.  This creates the inside of the mouth where the top can be velcroed into place or removed for better visibility.

Step 7.  Glue the features (eyes, nose and mouth) to the head.  Cut a tongue shape from red felt and glue that into the mouth on the black cotton.

Step 8. Glue feather boa everywhere!  Black feathers for eyebrows and red and orange everywhere else.  I cut some individual feathers to place around the head strategically as well.

Step 10. Draw pupils onto the eyes with a sharpie.

Didn’t he turn out fabulous?!?!  I have to admit that my kitchen looked like I had slaughtered a few colourful chickens when I was done but it was well worth it!  We paired this Animal Muppet Costume Head with casual brown pants, an orange long sleeve tshirt and a chain (purchased at the dollar store) to complete our look…

Here you can see what it would look like when the mouth section is released from the velco for better visibility.

Be sure to stay tuned for another Muppet Costume reveal next week…. Beeker!!!  What I love about these costumes is that the masks are super light to wear yet create a dramatic effect with very little other detail needed.  What are your costume plans for Halloween??  Please share…

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