Apple Canning

Hey y’all!
The answer is yes, I am still canning.
And no, I would prefer not see another canner, tongs or funnel for a long time.
hee hee
Actually it is really quite rewarding to see all of those jars lined up in the pantry.  I still have pears and green tomato relish to do.

We {meaning my husband Darcy lol} picked about 80 lbs of apples at my grandparents place a little while ago.  I have finally finished canning them all!  We made Apple Butter, Apple Jelly and Apple Sauce.

I started by slicing and coring the apples then allowing them to simmer and cook down for about an hour {skins on}.  I added about 1 cup of water to the pot.
When the apples were starting to reach a sauce-like consistency I pulled them off of the stove.

And using a couple of layers of cheese cloth I strained the juice into a bowl.

Following the directions on my Certo package I made the juice into Apple Jelly.

I put the rest of the apple sauce mixture into my crock pot and set it to cook on medium all day.  I blended the mixture and added cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Then I poured the Apple Butter into sterilized jars and processed.
My lovely mother-in-law was in town recently and helped me finish off the rest of the apples.  We canned about 10 jars of Apple Sauce.

It’s a lot of work but the pay off is great!
Thanks for visiting! 
I hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend and
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!!
gobble gobble
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