Asian Birthday Party

My friend Kim planned this fabulous Asian Themed 25th Birthday Party for her sister-in-law! We call Kim the idea girl because whenever we come up with a party theme, Kim has a million fantastic ideas! Check out how her ideas came to life:

The Party Table

Kim chose to use a red, black and gold colour scheme. This would be perfect for a Chinese New Year gathering as well!

Fortune Cookies
Dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. These are sure to be a standby for all of our parties! And they’re yummy too!

Table Decor
Sometimes you luck out when it comes to decorating for a party – this gold table runner was compliments of the host!

Party Favours
Kim found these amazing fabric bags filled with gold chocolates. We dumped the chocolates… well we saved them for guests to eat later of course… and filled them with favours!

Cake Balls
Chocolate coated doghnut holes – another party staple!

Table Decor
Kim made this cool tree/branch thing by spray painting a tree branch black and gluing on small squares of tissue paper for flowers.

Fab Finds
We found some really great party gear while ‘treasure hunting’ one day… including the cake stand seen in the background!

More Decor
Kim created the box using a cricut die cut, ribbon, stamps and letter beads.

Party Favour Table
If there is one thing that you’re sure to find at a party that I am involved in, it’s Sour Cream Containers! You can find the tutorial here.

Sour Cream Containers
They demanded a close up!
Thanks for checking out Kim’s fabulous party! Please leave a comment so that I may pass on the feedback to her. Kim – it was a blast – I love sharing our passion for parties!

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