Back to School ~ the “perfect” photos

We celebrated back-to-school this week.  And while our boys are not actually in school due to a teacher strike and lock out, I still felt that it was important to acknowledge the momentous occasion of our twins entering grade one.  Whether it was off to school or simply “momma school” at home.  

I have noticed my facebook and instagram feeds being flooded with the cutest, most adorable, smiling children.  Full of life with new outfits, matching backpacks and freshly made up hair.  Traditionally I tend to post those photos as well, the glimpse into the “perfect” life?  

But here is the thing.  We don’t have perfect lives.  They are often busy, messy and chaotic.  We pull out the best bits, the moments of clarity, the uplifting stories, the picturesque family times and share them with friends.  It’s in our nature to share the good.  

So in the nature of full disclosure I present to you…
Mr. Slouchy, Mr. Grouchy, Mr. Squinty and Mr. Silly.

All a part of our perfectly imperfect family.

Cameron ~ Grade One
One photo of the fifty I must have taken.

Isaiah ~ Grade One
When asked for a “real smile” LOL

I hope that your transition back to school was a smooth one.
xoxoxo mommas!

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