Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bites

Bacon and Egg Bites

These are absolutely delicious!
We had a morning potluck for church a few weeks ago so 
I decided to whip up some Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bites.

Bacon and Egg Bites (1)

I used my mini muffin pan so that I had more little bites to share.  
They took about 30 minutes to prep and prepare the morning of our gathering and where an absolute hit!


Bacon and Egg Bites (5)

I began by cooking turkey bacon in the oven.  
Then I cut each piece in half and pressed them into my greased muffin tin cups.

Bacon and Egg Bites (6)

Then I filled the cups with my egg mixture;  eggs, fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, a dash of hot sauce and S&P.

Bacon and Egg Bites (7)

Then I baked the little bites for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Bacon and Egg Bites (8)

This was the perfect breakfast appetizer recipe.

Bacon and Egg Bites (12)

These were so yummy that they were all gone in just a few minutes.  I need to make more asap.

Bacon and Egg Bites (13)

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