Bat Magnet Craft

Bat Magnet Craft

Hello friends!  Now that the littles are back to school we are starting to focus on all things Halloween.  We don’t do a lot of decorating (I save that for Christmas!!) but we sure like to celebrate with fun, festive crafts like this Bat Magnet.

Bat Magnet Craft

My absolute favorite kind of crafts are ones that use supplies that you can easily find around the house.  I’m not a big fan of having to make multiple trips to the craft store AND using up some of my craft stash is a huge plus!  I also love using materials that we can recycle into something fun.  I have a stash of old snap lids that were previously used in canning – they are perfect for so many cute projects!  We have even more crafty snap lid ideas coming soon so stick around!

Bat Magnet Craft


Snap lid

White school glue

Googlie eyes

Black paper

White paper


Black acrylic paint

Paint brush


Bat Magnet Craft

Step 1: Paint the snap lip black and cut out bat parts.  You will need two wings, two ears and two fangs.

Bat Magnet Craft

Step 2: Glue all of the bat parts to the lid.  Don’t forget to stick the magnet to the back of the bat.

Bat Magnet Craft

We made a whole bunch of cute Halloween creatures that are now decorating our refridgerator!  What would you make?  Do you have any snap lid craft ideas that we should try?  Please share…

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