BBQ Shrimp Skewers

Wow it feels like I have been gone forever!!
Okay so we’ve been having a total blast camping for most of the month of July and I have finally got my butt in gear to show you some of the amazing things we eat and how I get organized.
Stay tuned for more camping goodies!
To kick us off here is my uber simple BBQ Shrimp Skewer recipe:
So yummy!
And I don’t even like shrimp!

I started by mixing a bag of frozen shrimp with 2Tbsp of lemon juice, 1/4c diced butter, and about 2Tbsp of diced garlic.  {Now if you’re not a shrimp novice like me ~ obviously ~ you will know to buy the shrimp without the shells on}

I bagged my shrimp mixture.

I also precut my vegetables and bagged them too.  Into the cooler both bags went.

While camping I fried up the shrimp until pink on both sides.
{On a side note don’t buy the double sided griddle from Costco ~ it sucks butt!  Everything stuck to it!  The return it queen here is headed to Costco tomorrow!}

Then I stuck them on the skewer with my veggies.

Looking fabulous right?!!?

The final product!
{So we had to de-shell a few dozen shrimp ~ they were all the more delicious for it}
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