Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets
Ever since Randi posted about this beaded bracelet, I was like 
“hey, that’s gorgeous, I need to make one”.  
So I did. 
But I am somewhat notorious for “winging it” and alas the pretty above didn’t quite fit.
Into the Christmas stash it went.
Beaded Bracelets
Then I came up with this one.
And posted the photo on Facebook {join the conversation would ya?}
It got the most likes ever {well since I’ve had a facebook page… so like six months?} lol
Beaded Bracelets
So I was like “woo hoo!!! I’ve finally created a gorgeous, wearable beaded bracelet for myself!!”
Beaded Bracelets
Then it broke.
{sad face}
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  1. deb says

    I’m sorry it broke for you 🙁 it’s most likely because the inner edge of the hole in glass beads rub against the stringing material used as the beads spin while wearing and break down the fibers.

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