Beeker Muppet Costume Tutorial

A person cannot help but laugh when looking at this costume!  Seriously, it cracks me up every time.  There is just something about the hapless Beeker character from the Muppets that’s hilarious.  I loved creating this costume, everything came together so smoothly that it was super easy to make.  Let me show you how to create your very own Beeker…

Honestly!!  How freaking funny is this mask?!  When I finished making it, I brought it with me to school to pick up the boys.  When the bell rang I stuck it on my head to surprise Isaiah (Yes, I AM that Mom!) and he was absolutely thrilled to see it all done and ready for him to wear and walk around in.  It was a hit with his friends at school too – total Mom win!


1 piece of thin cardboard 14″x24″

Peach colored felt/fleece material 12″x26″

Orange “hair” material 6″x26″

1 piece red felt material 8.5×11″

1 piece orange felt material 8.5×11″

2 styrofoam balls 3″ in diameter

1 styrofoam oval 4.5″ in diameter


Hot glue gun and lots of glue


Step 1. Cut the cardboard to size.  Cut a mouth shape in the center toward the bottom.

Step 2. Glue the peach fabric to the cardboard, wrapping it slightly around three edges.  Leave a couple inches at the top of the cardboard free for gluing on the hair.

Step 3. Carefully cut the mouth out of the fabric and glue to the inside of the cardboard.

Step 4. Cut red felt into a mouth shape and glue to the inside of the mouth.

Step 5. Glue the orange hair to the top of the head.  It will overlap and be taller than the cardboard.

Step 6. Wrap the styrofoam oval in orange felt and glue to the face.  Draw pupils on the round styrofoam balls and glue them above the nose.

Step 7.  Finally create a cylinder with the cardboard and glue (or velcro) the ends together.

Simple right?  Finding the orange hair was the hardest part of putting this costume together.  I found it in the craft section at Fabricland $70/metre!!  Good thing that it was on sale…

We paired the Beeker mask with a plaid t-shirt, solid blue tie and mint dress shirt to complete our look.  I just love how he turned out!  Seriously priceless!  I can just picture the boys playing all sorts of pranks on each other and their friends with this mask!

Be sure to check out this epic Animal Muppet Costume too!  We always head to the same park for our annual Halloween costume photo shoots…. needless to say, we get some strange looks.  LOL  So what are your plans for Halloween costumes this year?  DIY or store bought?

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