Boho Bag ~ a tutorial

Fabric bags are usually a quick, easy sewing project.
These two Boho bags were no exception. 

A friend asked me to create a ‘scrappy looking’ bag for her and this is what I came up with.
I haven’t created a tutorial for this one as I basically just sewed a bunch of scrap fabric together into two rectangles, lined them and created the bag.
I {heart} the dragonfly material!
I made this bag as well to give my friend two options to choose from.  She chose the pink and blue bag above which left this bag for me to use for my crocheting ~ yay!
I like the pop of pink and green colour.
First I sewed together a bunch of scrap material ~ I love scrap buster projects like this!
I pinned the sides together, right sides facing, and cut out my basic bag shape.
I sewed and snipped around the corners and up the side of the bag about half way.
At this point I inserted a lining and sewed the outer straps to the lining.
I left the tops of the straps open for inverting.
I sewed the lining to the front, then to the back of the bag.
I snipped along the curved edges of the bag.
Then inverted and ironed the bag.
Finally I tucked one strap into the other and sewed them together.
Ta da!!!
A quick, easy, scrap buster
Boho Bag.
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