Camp Cooker Dessert

After seeing these Coleman camp cookers in use when we were camping with friends, 
we finally decided to buy a few of our own.  
They are great for grilling just about any kind of sandwich!  
And perfect for dessert!
 We packed white bread {a treat for us}, no stick cooking spray and pie filling.  We used lemon sandwich spread and raspberry pie filling.
 Lemon filling topped with a few marshmallows was my favorite.
Tasted kindof like lemon meringue pie!
 Toasting over a fire.
 Lemon goodness!
The raspberry filling was pretty good too!
We can’t wait to try more variations and combos!
Any recommendations?


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  1. Meghan says

    For the love of God woman! Now I have to go get one of these & try one of your creations. I really don’t even camp. Sigh.

    Think I’ll just do it over the open flame of my stove. LOL

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