Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins

I have the coolest camping recipe to share with you today.  Check out these Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins my friends!  They are made very quickly over a campfire using this new iron that I found.  If you like camp food, you’re going to love this…

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins-001

This Pocket Puff Iron is really neat!  I found it at Mountain Equipment Co-op and can’t wait to make all sorts of camping recipes with it this year.  It’s like a Camp Cooker (seen in this Camp Cooker Pizza recipe) but with five pockets for making individual treats.  During the long weekend in May we made these muffins and omelets.  I would like to try ham and cheese biscuits and cookies this summer as well.  Cool right?!?!

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins-004

I purchased a dry muffin mix to take camping.  The only thing that we needed to add was water and an egg.  This made packing and clean up a breeze.  You could use any kind of muffin mix or batter that you like.

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins-005

I sprayed the iron with non-stick cooking spray and filled one side of the iron with muffin batter.

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins-010

After about 15 minutes over the fire the muffins turned out golden and delicious!  I could not make these fast enough, three batches of muffins disappeared very quickly!!

Campfire Chocolate Chip Muffins-008

What would you create with this camping gadget??


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