Camping Muffins

Camping Muffins (2)

When it comes to “roughing it”, I am one lucky lady!
Every year we like to add something to our camping supplies.
Something that might make the experience easier and/or more enjoyable.

This year we purchased a
Coleman Portable Propane Stove & Oven!


Camping Muffins (1)

Each time we have been camping this year I have had the opportunity to make fresh muffins in the morning.  There is nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors with fresh, delicious baked goods.  Oh. My. Word.

Camping Muffins (5)

I pack all of the ingredients needed for my muffin recipe in Ziploc bags and containers.  
I used this recipe that we absolutely love.

Camping Muffins (6)

Here I have the wet ingredients mixed and stored in a container.

Camping Muffins (7)

I labelled the dry ingredients and mixed them in a large Ziploc bag.  Doing most of this prep work before our camping trip even begins makes for easy set up and clean up later on.

Camping Muffins (8)

I used a bowl to mix the wet and dry ingredients but this could even be done in the Ziploc bag to eliminate more dishes.

Camping Muffins (9)

These aluminum muffin tins are perfect for camping muffins.  They are small, disposable and can be found at the dollar store.

Camping Muffins (12)

Seriously this Coleman Portable Propane Oven is the bomb!  
I can bake muffins, potoatoes and even pizza.
The stove top is large enough for a large pot for corn and a large pan for sauteed mushrooms to cook at the same time.

It has replaced the old barbecue and Coleman Gas Stove that we used to pack for camping.

Camping Muffins (13)

The smell of muffins baking while camping?


Camping Muffins (15)

Do you have any fabulous camping recipes or tips?
I would love to hear them!
xo Heather

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